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THE PANCAKES OFFICIAL GAME SHOW: Survive an Odd Game Show in this Comedic Adventure Game

The Pancakes Official Game Show is an indie adventure and platform game produced by Dema studios and published on April 21, 2020, but updated on December 26 of the same year on the "" platform. The game's plot is a pure nonsense comedy and tells the story of Bob who, together with the lucky 20 participants, enters a game show to win the prize of one million pancakes.

The game is very simple in its proposal, from the gameplay to its graphics. The characters seem to have come out of some Happiness and Cyanide comic strip, but despite that, the game has a certain degree of challenges, it is not difficult to lose in some competition here.

As mentioned above, the interesting thing about the game is the level of jokes: in a certain test, you must throw everyone in the lava to proceed, and it is even worth cheating to get to the end of it, and you even see a reprehension text about that, written in the wall. The game has good voice acting, whose voices belong to Youtubers like Jar Red Gaming, Flamez Plays, Chromaray, Pecan, and others.

It's a short game, but it's worth the playtime to at least having a good laugh. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game by clicking the link below:

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