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THE TEMPLE SWORD: Face the Dangers of an Inhospitable Alien Planet to find a Mighty Sword

The Temple Sword is a short third-person indie adventure platform game that was produced by gbelasco and was published on January 1st of this year, on the platform. In the game, you control Ellen, an explorer who lands on an ancient alien planet. Your mission is to explore the place, full of hostile monsters and enigmas, to retrieve a powerful weapon.

The game is very simple in its proposal: explore all the locations on the map (which are quite small by the way), solve the puzzles, find the sword and go back to the starting point of the game. Nothing more, nothing less. In terms of graphics, The Temple Sword presents a look that is quite beautiful (though not too polished), which is a bit reminiscent of "Beyond Good & Evil" in my opinion.

Check out The Temple Sword gameplay and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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