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The Tower of Turmoil:a platform game with a strange tower and a known enemy.

The Tower of Turmoil is a screen-by-screen platform game that takes place in a tower full of dangers. Here you are Takemaru Kurumana, a peaceful swordman who senses a well-known evil presence inside a stone tower, the ancient alchemist named Drake Voldenar.

Gameplay is typical of 2d platform games where you can jump and attack in rooms full of dangers, obstacles and enemies. Each step must be calculated so that you can move from each room to the meeting with the final boss.

The game is simple, but it has good music and a good challenge in the levels. The final boss leaves something to be desired, being able to win him in the first attempt. Even with its various forms.

After the game is over you will unlock Blackout mode where the challenge is even greater.

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