THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - SURVIVAL: Escape the Attack of Tripods in this Survival Game

The War of The Worlds: Survival is an indie adventure and survival game produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on February 16th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game uses the classic science fiction work of H.G. Wells as the basis for its story and aims to recreate the tense atmosphere told by the book. You control Christopher, who upon arriving in a city, sees what at first appears to be a meteor, falling close to the village. Soon you discover that it is actually a terrible alien invasion, where beings known as Tripods, destroy everything and everyone wherever they go.

The game is very well produced, in fact, you can't expect less from Stefani's work. As well as his last game, Shadow of Leatherface, The War of The Worlds also has visual similarities with several older games, in this case, some of the PC games of the 2000s, like Hidden & Dangerous 2 for example. The element of survival is very interesting here: you must manage the stamina and hunger bars well, which can be replenished through cans of food and drink spread throughout the vast world of the game.

The War of The Worlds: Survival, however, has a small flaw: it can be tedious at times. During the game, you end up having to wander the villages and the paths without having much to do or in the absence of some other side mission, even if it is to pass the time between one chapter and another. Despite this, the game is very interesting and the developer's taste for more classic films and works is noticeable. You can check the gameplay of the game on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game and have this experience by clicking on the link below:

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