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TOREE 2: Defeat the Glitch Angel Once and For All and Retrieve your Ice Cream in this Cute Sequel

Toree 2 is an action and platform game that was produced by Siactro and published on September 30th of this year, on the itch.io platform. As a direct sequel to the first game, Toree 2 ends the ice cream arc, which has been stolen once again by some sort of glitch angel or something like that. It's up to Toree, a cool chick, to face him one more time.

The game maintains the same visual style present in the first game. It uses PSX-inspired aesthetics, as well as a flavor a la Sonic the Hedgehog (the soundtrack betrays the inspiration). In terms of gameplay, there's no change here, it's the usual good old Toree style (for those who played the first one, of course). The game features 9 levels and secret characters to unlock.

Check out the gameplay of Toree 2 and get the game (paid) from the itch.io page below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/eEiPerZsbs0

BUY THE GAME RIGHT HERE: https://siactro.itch.io/toree-2

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