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TOZIUHA NIGHT: ORDER OF THE ALCHEMISTS: A Metroidvania with a lot of potential.

Toziuha Night: Order Of The Alchemists is a metroidvania game developed by Danny Garay where you play as Xandria, a beautiful alchemist who, using an iron whip, faces countless demons and other alchemists in search of millenary power. To achieve its goal, Xandria uses its chemical knowledge to create new powers.

The game has interesting graphics that mix good quality and dubious quality. The illustrations leave something to be desired, but the sprite art inside the game pleases, with some very interesting visual effects, unlike the game's difficulty level it seems unbalanced, where enemies can kill you with just a single touch while no boss has that kind of instant kill and, after understanding the skills of bosses, they become easier to fight.

Toziuha Night: Order Of The Alchemists is a game in development that, with some polish, can be a big surprise.


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