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TRANSIRUBY: Explore the Mysteries of an Continent from Other Dimension in this Metroidvania Game

Transiruby is a third-person indie action adventure and exploration game produced by SKIPMORE and ESQUADRA, inc. and who recently launched a demo on the Steam page on October 1st this year. In the game, you control Siruby, an android that travels through space, accompanied by her friend Ne-Com, the ship's AI. However, this peaceful journey is shaken when a strange continent, from a different dimension, appears through a portal near the ship, and Siruby, along with Ne-Com, decide to explore the new continent.

What we have here is a game in the good old Metroidvania style, meaning you start out in an open field, with an entire map to explore, where you need to find and equip different skills or weapons scattered around the map to be able to explore places that once could not be alone. Remember that Transiruby was produced by SKIPMORE, the same behind the fantastic action RPG Fairune. Here we have a 2D game, with pixelated graphics in good old retro style and that work very well, presenting a beautiful look. The soundtrack is really cool and fits that retro look a lot, as it was written in chiptune.

As for gameplay, there's not much to say here: you have all the basic and maybe even intuitive controls. With little time you can already learn to play (of course, through the mini tips that Ne-Com gives at the beginning of the game) and thus managing to have a pleasant and fun experience. There's not much to say about the demo in terms of gameplay, but one thing we can see from the images is that, being an android, Siruby may have the ability to transform into various types of vehicles, thus allowing for quick trips or exploring spots difficult to access in their normal form. Certainly what we got here was a small sample of a visually beautiful game with an unpretentious plot that makes the experience even more fun.

There is no set release date for Transiruby, either on PC or Nintendo Switch. So far, everything you can check out about this game is in the demo released at this year's Steam Next Fest, which you can access by clicking the link on the page below. As for the gameplay of the demo, the video from our channel can be seen here.

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