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UNDER LINE: DEEP SEA SOLUTIONS: Solve Challenges Using Your Oxygen Line Retraction Device as a Tool

Under Line: Deep Sea Solutions is a short indie puzzle game that was produced by Futuregames and published on March 1st of this year. In the game, you control a diver who works in the maintenance division of Under Line Ltd. You have been sent to the depths of the ocean, where you must investigate an abandoned research facility to extract a valuable power core. But the place has its challenges and, to solve them, you have an oxygen line retraction device, which allows you to pull it to an oxygen supply station.

The game has well-made graphics, in an almost cartoonish style. Gameplay is the key point here, as you have puzzles in each area, and to solve them, you have a retractable oxygen line, which can extend and return, in addition to presenting colors that indicate if you are at the limit or no, with the color red indicating that there is no longer any way to extend. With that, you can plot a way to get through the puzzles as efficiently as possible.

Check out the Under Line: Deep Sea Solutions gameplay and, if you're interested, download the little game, which is available on the platform. You just need to click on the respective links below.


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