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WACKY RACES - The almost complete version of a game that would be released for Sega Genesis / Mega D

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Wacky Races for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive can now be downloaded and played thanks to an upload made by someone claiming to be the developer of the 90s game on the page. The user called SpacePantsGames made a discreet upload of the game Wacky Races for the SEGA console showing a game from the classic Hanna Barbera franchise called Wacky Races in the best Mario Kart style, but with polygonal scenarios.

The game has very interesting visuals for the time, mixing 2D assets with 3D scenarios divided into two parts, where the upper part shows you controlling the vehicles and traveling around the track and, below, where it shows the entire track on a kind of car dashboard.

Wacky Races for Sega Genesis looks like a very fun game, but be warned: this is the only user upload and we cannot guarantee the security of the file, as you are responsible for downloading the game to your computer.


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