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WORDS LEFT UNSAID: A Intriguing Mystery Game Where You Must Solve a Case in a Haunted Hotel

Words Left Unsaid is a mystery, adventure, and point-and-click indie game created by virpiv (and other authors) and released on December 16 of this year. You are Spencer Byrne, a lead investigator that must solve a case and prove the innocence of Sandra Axton, accused of murder. On the local of crime, the Hotel Lexicon, Spencer is tormented by a sinister voice, that haunts the entire place. It's up to detective solving the case and unveil the sinister voice's origin, but he will find out that things are not what it seems.

Visually the game is amazing: it has a first-person camera and captures all the noir style from the old detective movies, but there is an addition of pink and blue tones for the lights, which gives us an impression of the game had some influences from "Suspiria" (Dario Argento's horror movie).

The gameplay is very simple and here you need much, much attention because from the beginning to the end of the game, the info that Spencer and other characters give are very important for choosing the right clues and find the solutions of every one of the bar's doors. There are two pieces of music on the game but are limited only to the title menu screen and the initial cutscene. The entire game works with the silence, maybe because the game demands the player's focus on solving the mystery.

The game, depending on the time that you will have to solve the case, can be finished from 40 minutes to more time ahead, but still worth a lot playing the game. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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