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ZILLION: ASSAULT ON MARIS: a prototype for a Zillion fan game with huge potential.

Zillion: Assault on Maris is a 2d indie shooter and also a prototype for a Zillion game developed by moonkey where you play as JJ in yet another of his adventures with the famous Zillion pistol. The original game for Sega Master System was developed by SEGA in partnership with Tatsunoko.

The game highlights its gameplay and sprite art where the gameplay simulates the use of a Master Light Gun in a current game, now using the mouse, where you use the cursor to aim at enemies and items and use the LMB to shoot , being the RMB to access the game menu.

The sprite art was made by Michel Borges and has very faithful illustrations and rich in details with giant enemies on screen respecting the native resolution and well produced scenes, divided into a few layers giving the impression of a real Sega Master System game.

As a prototype, the game has only one training phase and two normal phases, each with a final boss.


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