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1921: SHADOW OF THE OLD WORLD: An FPS Game Based on the Historical Russian Civil War

1921 - Shadow of the Old World is a first-person shooter action game produced by ArquetierreIntelService and published on May 29 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game has a plot based on historical events, more precisely at the end of the Russian Civil War, in 1921. In the war between the Bolsheviks and the Monarchist White Movement, we have a ruined land, and hungry people. Your role here is that of a secret agent with a mission: to wipe out an arms dealer named Srilenko, who wants to get rich off this bloody conflict, and thus save millions of lives.

The game is very short and it was an unpretentious job on the part of the developer. It was produced to work on low-end PCs, and reminds a lot of PC games from the 90s, besides having historical aspects as background, which we can take as positive points. The gameplay is very simple: you run, aim, shoot and duck. As for negative points, we have here a HUD that could be improved, a slightly disloyal AI, less stages and some situations where the character gets stuck after loading a stage. The soundtrack is nice, but it gets boring after a few plays.

Check out the gameplay of 1921 - Shadow of the Old World on this link here, and download the game, if you are interested, on the page below:

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Unknown member
Jun 02, 2021

This is A. I. S. Official

Actually you misspelled my name - its ArquestierreIntelService.

Proper link here:

Have fun!

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