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Updated: Jun 15

Buckshot Roulette is an incredible Russian roulette game with a horror atmosphere developed by Mike Klubnika where you enter a room to play Russian roulette with a strange creature. Now you will have to rely on luck to survive. And also some strategy.

Mike Klubnika is truly a developer with very creative ideas and a unique atmosphere. In Buckshot Roulette we have a reinvention of Russian roulette with elements that create, in addition to luck, a strategy factor that works very well and really excites the gameplay. These are items that allow you to add more shooting chances, which increase the power of the weapon - a shotgun - and even allow you to see which bullet is currently in the gun's barrel. Furthermore, the atmosphere, characteristic of Klubnika's games, continues to convey the sensation of being in an underground place of constant danger and mystery. An excellent game that deserves to be purchased.

Buckshot Roulette v 1.1 Download Game

Buckshot Roulette has received an update that includes a double reward mode where you replay all three games to then receive a double prize. An increase in difficulty and the use of pills that can be activated in the game's bathroom were also observed.

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