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25 THINGS: Face 25 Zombies in a Japanese School in this Survival Horror Game

25 Things is an indie action and survival horror game that is being produced by CoroCom and had its prototype published on December 31st, 2021, on the platform. As it is a prototype, the game does not have a defined plot, it just consists of a minigame where you must kill 25 zombies inside a Japanese school.

The game itself has strong inspirations from Capcom's Resident Evil franchise, more precisely the two recent remakes of the franchise, RE 2 and RE 3. In visual aspects, the game is well done, but has an excess of light that ends up hindering the gameplay. The gameplay features similar mechanics to the remakes of the CAPCOM survival horror franchise, even the camera is similar (focused on the character's shoulders).

As a prototype, 25 Things just gives us a taste of things to come (that is, depending on the feedback the developer gets, of course). It remains for us to wait for news about the game. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay and, if interested, download the game, just click on the links below.




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