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3.5DEEP: A Sinister Puzzle With Supernatural Implications in Your World

3.5Deep is a Horror and Puzzle indie game created by TNTC-Lab and released on December 27, on your page on You control a young man which, after a long working day, plays some games on the computer. You find out a strange game on it and which you never had installed. Worse yet, the game itself has some implications on your world that you no have idea, but that you are about to know.

You have control of two worlds: the world where you live (real world) and the world inside of the game. The interaction of these worlds is required to progress in the game. You can walk, look by using the mouse and interact with objects by clicking the left mouse button.

The Horror factor here is a little weak, but it worth it if you are interested in casual playtime on a Friday night. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link (where the gif image was taken) below:

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