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96: An Narrative-Driven Adventure Where You Must Take Hard CHOICES In a Desolated Island

96 is an adventure and simulation indie game, which has a pinch of visual novel and strong narrative. In this game, you are Niles, a young man that lives on an island that, apparently, has suffered an unknown outbreak, that led the inhabitants to behave in a similar way to zombies, but without his typical effects, as cannibalism for example. The plot begins to develop itself at the moment that Niles discovers a tent installed next to your cabin, which led him to think that can be survivors out there.

In my first impressions, the game has an interesting narrative, a little bit simple at first, but that keeps developing itself as time runs. Visually, 96 seems like a typical GameBoy game, since that presents a similar color pattern, but in some moments, this visual confuses the player sometimes, because the game itself has a gloomy atmosphere, with a few dark and depressive tons. The characters, although only three, are interesting enough to lead the plot.

In terms of soundtrack, 96 has more atmospheric tons that even cause an uncomfortable feeling (in a thrilling sense), but it presents beautiful tunes too, in some key parts of the game. The gameplay is simple and consists only of walking and interact with objects and other characters, but, because of the dark greenish tones of the game, will not be rare the situations that you will be a few difficulties entering in a way or even being stuck in some floor parts that are there, but are overshadowed by the darkness or the little details on the floor.

Although short for the standards of many indie games today, 96 is an interesting narrative experience. You can watch the gameplay by clicking right here, and/or download the game by clicking on the link below:

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