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A DATE TO KEEP: You are Your Own Devil in this Horror Game

A Date to Keep is a first-person horror game produced by DeadByte and published on January 31 of that year on the indie gaming platform "". The game is part of an anthological series called "Real Stories from the Grave" and in A Date to Keep, you play as Samuel Scowl, who wakes up after suffering a car accident, apparently without memory, and wanders through an empty city, full of secrets (would it be a reference to a certain 90s horror game?). Now it is up to him to find a way to recover his memory and unravel the mysteries of this city.

The first thing we can notice about this game is that it has huge similarities to Konami's horror franchise, Silent Hill. Almost everything is similar: from the beginning, where the protagonist wakes up after an accident, a city shrouded in fog, full of secrets, until a probable parallel dimension, with huge darkness, full of monsters. It is impossible to play this game and not recognize, in the first minutes, these similarities.

And the resemblance doesn't stop there, the game has low-poly graphics, reminiscent of the aesthetics of Sony's 32-bit console, the PlayStation, in addition to an impressive atmosphere and immersion, as in Silent Hill. The only differences are due to the gameplay, which adopts a first-person style that is typical of many indie horror games, and the fact that there is no soundtrack: the game uses silence and sound effects to generate an immersive atmosphere. horror.

To date, the game is in the development stage, but it is apparently complete, and it is worth it if you are a fan of horror games that appeal to this more retro aesthetic. You can check his gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested in playing, just click on the link below:

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