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A DROP OF YOUR BLOOD: Survive an Evil Spirit and Protect your Loved One in this Asian Horror Game

A Drop of Your Blood is an indie first-person horror game being produced by FueKer and currently in the development stage. However, a demo is available on both the and GameJolt platforms. The demo was published on September 26th, 2020. Drop of Your Blood takes the player into a story based on the Hmong culture, an ethnic group that lives in China and Southeast Asia. In the story, it tells about a cultural practice of the Hmong, which is the blood pact, where two lovers who perform it become one, seeing together forever. Here we follow the story of Cheenou, who every night walks a road for hours to meet his beloved Gaochee. However, one of those nights, Cheenou comes across spirits that wander through the forest and, after a small mistake made by him, he now finds himself in danger, he and his loved one, as there is a particular spirit that desires the soul of both.

The game itself is very well produced, visually speaking, in addition to having a very interesting plot, which portrays the Hmong culture very well (no wonder, since the gamedev that produced it is part of this culture, even stating that it will be the first horror game produced with a strong narrative focus on that culture). As for the gameplay, it is very simple and most of the time you spend walking and hiding, in fact, the stealth factor is very strong here: you need to hide in several risky situations, where the spirits are lurking, wanting you to hunt. It's a horror game with a well-produced story and that knows how to explore the discomfort and fear on the part of the player in a well-constructed way, without appealing to the infamous "jumpscares". It is a game with great competence, both narrative and atmospheric.

So far we don't know when the full version will be released. According to FueKer, the final version will focus more on events centuries after the events of this demo, making the demo itself a kind of prologue to the story. We hope he manages to produce a game that presents a lot of quality in these aspects mentioned above. In the meantime, you can check out the game's gameplay and, if you're interested, download it by clicking on the respective links below.



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