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A Joke, yes, but with Great Potential.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

At first, this Sonic fangame can seem a bad taste joke, but I could see in "The Magical Advenenture of Soggy Hoggy" good potential for the creators in developing new games having this as a base. According to SoggyHoggyDev, this fangame is a remake of another game, developed in 2015. Despite the joke, I saw here some positive points: the care that they had with the background creation, as sea movement the pinnacle of artistic production. In terms of animation, our fatty, bizarre but cute hedgehog moves in a very fluid way. The music used is from other games, but when it comes to an initial demo, we can look over that.

Despite a very initial project, the demo presented on SAGE 2020 shows certain points that can serve as a base for other projects that they can have in mind. The SoggyHoggyDev team has a good future. You can check this out on the link below:


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