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A Journey for the Seek of Truth and Protect the Land.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Cycle is a Sage 2020 game that comes with a visual that remembers some of GBA games and a typical Metroidvania gameplay, with a huge map and so many areas, some of them available only with the use of abilities acquired during the game.

The game possesses beautiful graphics that show the Nintendo portable aesthetic and the music is decent, however, not everything is good here: the demo presents some problems like the "shaking" of Lana when moves on a floating platform, like a satellite or something like that. The character animation seems too simple (I talk about the lack of reaction when hit by enemies or doing a wall jump, for example) and a serious problem, as I can't close the pop up when I got an item on a certain game's part (I don't know if this specific problem happens with everyone that test this game, I'm only relating my first impressions here).

But, speaking about a demo shown on SAGE 2020, the game developers probably may have known these problems and they will correct that. The game has good potential. If you want to test this demo, check this out:


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