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A LIFE'S FILMOGRAPHY: Experience the Life of a Young Man, Through the Films and Shows He Watches

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

A Life's Filmography is a short indie interactive fiction "game" that was produced by DonutDuckProducktions and Team Azule, with Maxwell Dexter as composer, for a game jam and was published on January 30th of this year on the platform. The game is a story in a style similar to a visual novel, where we follow the story of a young man through various moments of his life, with TV as the main theme. We follow his life and his relationship with his parents from birth until his imminent departure to college, with these stages of life being packed by the movies and programs he watches.

The game was produced for last year's Not a Game Jam, under the theme "games that are made for reading", that is, that don't have gameplay mechanics, and that's what we see in A Life's Filmography, an interactive story in that you are just a spectator of the experience. In graphic aspects, the game is very simple, you just follow everything with the camera pointed at the TV, which shows excerpts from the most varied shows and movies, ranging from Elmo's World to The Lord of The Rings.

The highest point here is due to its narrative, which very well manages to bring a high emotional charge to the reader. It would be interesting if the developers took a little inspiration from Northbound, for example, and created the whole game from scratch, but keeping the narrative, making it a little more dynamic. But that's just my opinion, as I played Northbound and the experience was excellent.

Check out the gameplay of A Life's Filmography and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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