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A NIGHT AT SEA: A Survival Horror Game Where You Must Survive from Entities in an Oil Rig

A Night at Sea is an action and survival horror indie game created by Dark Day Afternoon and published on December 17 of this year. In this game, you control three workers in an oil rig localized in the middle of nowhere. They are the only ones left on the rig, since that the rest of the workers there were investigating found a mysterious cave a few miles from the rig. Unfortunately, on a lack of care, they liberated some mystical entities, and it's up to you survive that until the sunrise.

The developer has spoken that the game has some low-poly style similar to P1 games, but based on what I saw there, the game, in no moment, doesn't have similarities with the visual style cited above, except in some objects. Despite this, the game is very well made, visually speaking, and the use of a VHS filter helped in give an "old horror movie" vibe to this game. That was a good choice.

The gameplay aspects are very simple: you can walk with "WASD" keys, interact with the "E" key, and use Mouse to look everywhere. Besides that, your objective is to repair some rig pieces, that need constant fixes. And this is it, nothing more, nothing less.

The game is very short, and you can finish in a few minutes. That is a good past-time game indicated for anyone who wants some uncompromised game. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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