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ABANDONED_64: Explore a Ruined World of an Old Abandoned Game Project in this Adventure Game

Abandoned_64 is a short indie third-person action, platform and adventure game that was produced by L4ndo, Garfield07, apanDev (and collaborators) and was published on February 20th of this year on the platform. Abandoned_64 puts you in control of Khaleel, an adventurer who explores a fantastic world, full of creatures and challenges, but at a certain point you will realize that this adventure is an unfinished game, and that some characters reflect the thoughts of their creators. It is up to you to explore the bugs and flaws present in the game and find out what reasons led its creators to abandon the development of this game.

The title "Abandoned_64" kind of explains itself: it's an indie game that was created with inspirations from the Nintendo 64, a fifth generation console produced by Nintendo, more precisely from the game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". The aesthetics and ambiance are at least similar and create a nostalgic atmosphere when playing. In terms of gameplay, Abandoned_64 is democratic, allowing you to play with any controller, or even with the mouse + keyboard combo, but apparently, it was produced for experiences with the N64 controller, which would only be possible if you had a control like that with USB plug.

Check out the gameplay of Abandoned_64 and, if you're interested, download the game, just click on the respective links below.



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