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AFTERLIFE: Take on Street Gangs, Zombies and Mega-Corporations in this FPS Cyberpunk Game

AFTERLIFE is a first-person shooter action game with horror elements that was produced by Tuning Mania and published on December 19th of this year, on the Steam platform, and has a demo version that was published on December 27th, on the platform. In AFTERLIFE, you must fight for your survival against street gangs and mega-corporations that rule a hopeless cyberpunk world.

In terms of graphics, the game presents excellent visuals. The gameplay, although typical of many other FPS games, is quite competent. Unfortunately, the demo only allows you to play a very small part of the game, just to give you the taste of buying the full version.

Check out the gameplay of the AFTERLIFE demo and, if you are interested, buy the game on the Steam page, just click on the links below.


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