An Uncommon Dual and a Mysterious Box.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

A ladybug boy, a scarecrow girl, and a box that punches out. "Poppin & Jupa: Pocket Adventure" present action, adventure, and exploration elements, and the characters' cooperation are very important here since that one has abilities that the other doesn't have and it can be necessary to unlock or access certain game parts or items. Graphically, the game is decent, the characters are charismatic and with a sense of humor shown in the dialogues. I will not comment about the music, since in terms of game demos, it's very common to see indie game developers using other games' music, and here is no different. The gameplay is decent and fulfills your role in the sage 2020 game well.

Good game, good gameplay, and charismatic protagonists. Nothing to oppose here. Link for download below:

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