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And this "Y+1"? What does It mean for?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Being short and direct here: This Mega Man fangame, whose demo was shown on SAGE 2020, is Mega Man in his purest and simple form, with the style already established both in original games and some fangames, like Mega Man Unlimited, as an example. The gameplay is challenging, not being exactly on the same level as Mega Man 9, but still, there is an approach. The music is great and presents the option of selecting between the 8-bit version and "Complete Works"; I say this already that they didn't do ugly here.

Maybe the most visible difference here is on intro and robot selection screens, both very interesting. I only had a little problem in regards to control configuration: I tried to set up my Xbox gamepad but the results are a mess, not identifying very well. But in general, this is a fun demo and one more joy for the blue bomber fans, myself included. The demo can be download here:

P.S.: My congrats to the composers of this game: The Timber Man Stage music is very good, both in 8-bit and Complete Works versions. You guys work very well there.


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