ANGERFOOT!: A FPS Game Where You Break Everything You See Ahead Just by Using Your Kick

Updated: Jul 1

Anger Foot is a First-person action indie game with a shooter that was created by Robbie Fraser and LolthersArt and released on December 13 of this year. The game doesn't have a plot: here you only find yourself inside a house full of enemies, and the solution is very simple: you kick down the door and break everyone you see ahead.

The gameplay is very simple, you only move with "WASD" keys, use the "E" key to kick, and use the mouse buttons: left button to shooting and right button to throw the gun. Graphics are very made and very cartoonish. The soundtrack itself is composed of only one music that runs the entire playtime, changing only the moment you kick down the doors.

The game is in the prototype stage, it's short but is still fun. It's a good game for those who like doing speedruns since the action in Anger Foot is fast and frantic. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below (by the way, the gif archive is from the link here):

Update V.0.4.

AngerFoot! is now available in an updated version, full of improvements and new content.

Update V.0.5.

Anger Foot is now available in a more current version, with new levels and new enemies.

Check out the gameplay

Check out the gameplay (NEW)

Download AngerFoot! Major Update

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