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ANOTHER PATH: Find the path to Your Home with aid of His Wolf Friend in this Adventure Game

Another Path is an indie adventure game produced by MyHand Studio and published on January 11th of this year on the indie gaming platform "". In this game, you control Evan and Caleb, a boy and a hybrid wolf. You sneak into your father's car, which goes to work. In the middle of the route, the car passes over a rock and ends up throwing both of them in the middle of the path. When trying to get in the car, Evan spots a butterfly, follows it, and ends up getting lost in a vast field. It's up to you to meet with Caleb and find a way to get back on the road.

In the graphics, the game is beautiful, very beautiful. The lighting is impressive and the visual, cartoonish, adds more charm to the game. The soundtrack, although it is just a song, is relaxing and combines with the pleasant atmosphere present. The gameplay is simple, but at the same time fun: you control both Evan and Caleb. But the highlight here at the moment is Caleb: when you sniff several points, a star appears, indicating the direction you should go. In Evan's company, you can mount him.

To date, the game is in the development stage. It is worth taking a look. The gameplay of the game made by the website you can see by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download it by clicking on the link below:

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