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ANTARCTICA (NWYD): Investigate an Old Abandoned Russian Base in this Adventure Game

Updated: May 17, 2022

Antarctica: NWYD (Next Wintah Ya'll Die) is an indie adventure game inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing that is being produced by Barely Games and does not yet have a set release date. However, a prototype version was made available by the studio, on the indie gaming platform, on December 4th of this year. In Antarctica: NWYD, you investigate a Russian base called Vostok, which is abandoned after being afflicted by an apparent nuclear attack 3 years ago. You discovered a radio broadcast that took place at the site two weeks ago, and now it's up to you to find out what's going on there.

In terms of graphics, Antarctica is quite competent: reminding a lot of games like Flashback and Another World, the game here features some cutscenes and parts of the map that receive a cinematic style, which on a first impression was a very good decision. The gameplay is simple, you just move the character (arrow keys) and interact with the X key.

Antarctica really impresses for its cinematic moments and the nostalgic style it offers. It's worth waiting for the final version of this game. In the meantime, you can check out Antarctica: NWYD gameplay on our channel, as well as play Antarctica: NWYD game, by downloading on the page. You need just to click on the links below.


EDIT 05/17/22: Recently, the Antarctica: NWYD game just received an update titled "Demo Alpha 0.2". This is a new demo that allows the player to experience about 40-50 minutes of the game, covering the first two chapters. Here you can see some new features, such as puzzle elements to be incorporated into the game and a stealth system, useful to prevent monsters from noticing your presence and attacking you.

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