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ANTONBLAST: Blast Everything in Your Path in This Ode to Handheld Platformers of 00s Era

Antonblast is a 2D indie action and platform game that is being produced and developed by Summitsphere and that does not have a set release date, being said by its developers as "When it's ready". However, a demo of the game, which had its successful Kickstarter campaign, was published on May 17th of this year, and is available on the platform. In Antonblast, you play Dynamite Anton, a demolition worker who finds himself on a bizarre mission on the Peninsula Burner after Satan himself steals its greatest treasure: an award-winning collection of Spirit. This is enough for Anton to go completely mad and destroy anything that gets in his way.

Antonblast is nothing less than a great tribute to the two (or more) layered platform games that were released for the Game Boy Advance, such as Wario Land and even the Nintendo DS, such as Shantae: Risky's Revenge. In graphic aspects, Antonblast presents a well-crafted pixelated look both in the animation of the characters and in the scenarios, and an aesthetic inspired by the games of the 32-bit portable released in 2001, and fluidity of movements at 60 fps. As for its gameplay, Antonblast is a typical platform game like any other, with great ease of learning and with moments that will make the player tense. The game worlds are built with a great depth of detail, and this explains the two-tier concept mentioned above: in each stage, you will come across mechanisms that will take you to the second layer, located at the bottom of the stage, allowing you to progress in the game.

It's notorious the care that the developers are taking with Antonblast: deep scenarios, beautifully animated sprites, coming from hand-made animations (check it out on Kickstarter) and explosive action with a huge world to explore. Certainly Antonblast has great potential to become a game to be placed on the same levels as platforms like Shovel Knight and Cuphead, examples that the developers also say they were inspired by. While the full game doesn't come out, you can check out Antonblast's gameplay on our channel. If interested, download the Antonblast demo from the page. Take the opportunity to put it on the Steam wishlist and visit the game's Kickstarter for more information. The respective links can be accessed below.

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