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AREA 51: Take on Hordes of Alien Mutants in this Cult FPS Game Brought Back to Life by Fans

Area 51 is an Action FPS game that was produced by Midway Studios Austin and published by Midway Games. The game was produced in 2005 and soon gained a cult status among some FPS fans. In the game, you are Ethan Cole, who joined HAZMAT Team Bravo with the mission to find Team Delta, after an attack perpetrated by an alien mutant. At one point, Ethan ends up "separated" from the rest of the team and now, completely alone, Cole has to find a way to survive while investigating the real Area 51, which lies several miles below the Earth's surface, in a network of secrets and conspiracies that may even have to do with a pact between secret societies that could put the entire Earth in jeopardy.

The game was produced for the most diverse platforms at the time, including the PC, but after Midway's bankruptcy in 2009 (which later had most of its assets purchased by Warner, which later on would create Netherrealm Studios, composed of some of the company's former employees), Area 51 never had a highlight that justified a sequel or at least a sign stating that the game would have a "breath of fresh air" for current platforms. However, a group of fans of the game have tried several times to update it to make it playable for modern PCs, and this is where we have a slightly more updated version. A group on Discord related to the game decided to publish this version on the page, with its release taking place on April 23 this year. Apparently, the main idea is to raise a petition (the petition link is on the page too) for some studio or even the Netherrealm itself to remaster the game so that it could be OFFICIALLY re-released for modern platforms.

Well, in terms of graphics and gameplay, there's not much to say: it's the same game from 2005 in all its shine and splendor, but updated for modern PCs, as well as fully functional multiplayer thanks to the OpenSpy servers, which emulate the old GameSpy. This is certainly something interesting and that catches the attention of fans of this game. Well, it remains to be seen whether the petition will succeed or not; in fact, Area 51 is a very cool game, with a very nice plot and frenetic action all the time, in addition to a multiplayer that will please those who enjoy the game, as well as FPS in general.

A gameplay of some stages from Area 51 can be seen here on our channel. If you want to play it, you can access it here on the page. Enjoy and sign the petition, if you are a hardcore fan of the game, on the page. The respective links can be accessed below.


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