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ASCENSION: Use Your Ray Gun to Ascend Through the Twists and Turns and Knock Aliens Out of Your Way

Ascension is a short indie first-person shooter action game with exploration touches that was produced by Brown-RISD Game Developers and was published on May 8th of this year on the platform. In Ascension, you control a cute space explorer on a space station in zero gravity. Your objective is to use your pistol both to propel it to various sides and to annihilate aliens that come your way.

Being very short and straightforward, Ascension presents a simple, low poly and cartoonish graphic. Its gameplay, however, has a huge focus here: as it is a zero gravity adventure, you can only move using your pistol, shooting in the direction you want to propel you, in addition to using the Spacebar to dash off the walls if you are in one.

Perhaps, if it was possible to find a problem in Ascension, it would be the fact that the game is very short. It would be interesting if the game was a little longer, if the space station had more stages and more enemies, as well as more weapon options. It just depends on the developers if they continue the game or create something in the same style. Check out the Ascension gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game from the page. The respective links can be accessed below.


  1. ODYSEE: a

  2. TIKTOK: a


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