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ASHLEY - SHORT ON TIME: A Simulation Game where You Try to Overcome the Death of Your Friend

Ashley: Short on Time is an indie simulation and interactive fiction game produced by SiritoFox Studios and with a prototype version published on February 17th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control Sean, hours before his death. Sean plans to go on a trip in an attempt to overcome the death of Ashley, his best friend. He is in his room, collecting some objects and remembering his moments with Ashley, and then putting them inside a box where the phrase "bury with me" is written on one side.

The graphics are very beautiful, with a very interesting artistic level, combining a lot with the style and narrative of the game. The story is being told from the information that is obtained by the objects that you will find along the way, in addition to its beautiful soundtrack, which is relaxing and gives more impact to the game. The prototype has only the initial part of the story and can be completed in minutes.

Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download it from the link below:

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