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Awake in an Odd Place in the Middle of Nowhere

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"The Undying Beast" is a horror/thriller indie game produced in 48 hours bay Akuma Kira for the "Wretched Weekend Game Jam", which occurred in this year's April. Here you awake in a strange place, with no life, surrounded by dead trees and bizarre things happening between the dense fog.

There is almost no specific command in this game, except walk and running. You are guided by lights on the horizon, and following them you will see computers with messages on screen. During the route, you will find plants called Daffodil, that are necessary to get one of two endings of the game. The inspiration is obvious: both graphics and soundtrack remember Silent Hill a lot, one of the best PS1's horror games.

The game is very short, but you can appreciate very well. You can see the gameplay right here and download the game by clicking on the link below:

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