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AZY: A Low-poly Shooter Which You Must Make Hellfire Rain Against a Demonic Cult

Azy is an action and first-person shooter indie game created by WaquDoo and has your prototype version published on December 22 of this year. Here, you are Azy, an expert demon hunter. After discovering the existence of a demonic cult in a distant land, Azy goes there, in order to accomplish your mission of exterminating every cultist and demon that terrorizes that land.

The game is released as a prototype and, as such, it is not so well polished. The graphics are in low poly style, which remembers games like the first Quake game and Hexen II.

The gameplay is typical from many games of that epoch: you run, walk, jump and shoot, besides using your magical cape to punch the enemies. The soundtrack, on contrary, is composed of only one piece of music, and repeats itself during the entire stage, at the point of being a great annoyance.

The game needs to be neater, and fortunately, the developer has announced, on your page, that new enemies, maps, and weapons will be added soon. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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