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BABA YAGA: a 32-bits horror game based on bizarre fairy tales.

Baba Yaga is a first-person horror game developed by WooFooGames where you play as a wooden boy who needs to bring herbs for his mother, but halfway through he meets Baba Yaga who makes everything a big nightmare. The game is based on fairy tales about Baba Yaga.

The game has visuals inspired by games from the 32-bit era with low resolution and 3d low poy models and has a first-person gameplay where you walk and interact with objects.

In this demo build you experience the atmosphere of Baba Yaga, his nosense way and some puzzles that can seem difficult - and even nonsensical - and that need tweaking. A specific puzzle, for example, makes you hold up to 3 items at once and has no logic. If necessary, you press Esc on your keyboard to release them.

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