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BACKPACK HERO: Collect Rare Items, Organize Your Bag, and Vanquish Your Foes in this Strategy Game

Backpack Hero is an indie role playing, card game and roguelike strategy game that is being produced by Thejaspel, BinaryCounter and GangsRobin and which, despite still being in the development stage, with no official release date, has a demo version published on May 20th of this year, being available on the platform. Backpack Hero puts you in the shoes of a mouse who, equipped with a magical backpack, explores dungeons while managing your items and defeating your enemies.

Graphically, Backpack Hero is yet another indie game that has a style inspired by 16-bit retro games, with beautiful pixel art. But the gameplay is the interesting point here: what we have is a game that is extremely focused on inventory management (and I even imagine that, at this point, the game is inspired by Resident Evil 4. Those who played it will understand what I'm talking about. If not You know, I can say that it was quite common for you to organize Leon's inventory during the game, which is fun, by the way). In Backpack Hero, all the action takes place inside your backpack, organizing things and enabling more spaces to organize them. In addition, you also explore environments and interact with characters, which can be from lasting friendships to deadly enemies.

As stated above, the game is still in the development stage and no date has been set. While we're still waiting for the final version, you can check out Backpack Hero's gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, play the Backpack Hero game via browser on the page. You just need to click on the respective links below.

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