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BEHOLD: Battle a Horde of Monsters While Waiting for the Death Clock to Ring

Behold is a fast-paced first-person action that was produced by auxiliaryCarry for this year's Ludum Dare and published on April 5th on the platform. In Behold, you find yourself in a keep filled with beholders. When you get there, you end up cursed, and you only have 25 seconds to live before you die. During this time, you must kill as many monsters as you can.

In graphical aspects, Behold is very well done, and presents an almost retro look, with strong inspirations from PSX games. But the gameplay is its high point: You must eliminate as many monsters as possible and collect skulls to gain more time. With each kill, you use collected skulls as currency, to buy various upgrades, and depending on how many you have, you can even free up other areas of the keep. Despite being a game created for a game jam, it has good potential, and can be a game in the style of games like Ziggurat, for example.

Check out Behold's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game to try it out. Just click on the respective links below.


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