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BEST MONTH EVER!: Witness the Last Days of a Mother with Her Child on the Roads of 60's America

Best Month Ever! is an indie point-and-click adventure game being produced by Warsaw Film School Video Game & Film Production Studio and will be distributed by Klabater on a specific release date. A demo version of the game is currently available and in the game we get to know the exciting story of Louise, who along with her son Mitch, try to live life as they can in 1960s America. Things get worse when she finds out after a faint , who is terminally ill and has a short lifespan. Knowing that she won't be able to guarantee a better future for her son, Louise decides to hit the road and enjoy what little time is left with him.

The game is a typical point-and-click standard, but with a few interesting things here. Starting with the story itself. According to the producers, the story changes depending on the decisions we make here, whether controlling Louise or Mitch. There are three statistics that represent this: Righteousness, where you can choose to do right acts or commit crimes, Confidence (this one in particular I couldn't see in the demo, but I believe it is linked to the courage to make certain decisions) and that of Relations, where it is more evident in conversations with other people.

Best Month Ever!, in technical terms, features beautiful 3d graphics with a characteristic cel-shading style, simulating the look of Graphic Novels, as well as an amazing and touching soundtrack that suits the game's narrative mood. Ultimately, Best Month Ever! it will be a unique, touching and emotional experience that will certainly not only bring immersive gameplay, but will also make your players reflect a lot about life and tomorrow. You can check the gameplay of this game by clicking this link here. If you are interested in trying the demo, you can download it from the Steam page below.


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