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BETWEEN THE BRAIN AND THE GUTS: An Provoking Game about Illusions of Life in a Grotesque World

Between the Brain and the Guts is an indie Adventure and Fantasy game with touches of Lovecraftian Horror produced by Marcin Madzik and with a demo version published on July 28 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". According to Marcin, the game explores irrationality and nonsense existence, with a probable inspiration in the myth of Plato's Cave (this last part, my perception only). In Between the Brain and the Guts, you control a humanoid mutant who awakens from an illusionary world called the Inner World and finds himself in a strange, dystopian reality. Your goal is to escape the Wyrwa madness, finding a way to alert other mutants and help them escape their illusions.

The game itself is extremely interesting: the visuals and graphics are a show in themselves: you wander through a world that is apparently made of organs and flesh. The characters have an appearance that borders on the grotesque, each with their own personality. The plot, from what little I could check, promises to approach human existence in a profound way, with questions coming from the protagonist himself. In terms of gameplay, there is not much to comment on: you just walk, run, jump and interact, and nothing else.

Between the Brain and the Guts is in the development stage, and this demo version is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. No doubt it will be interesting to play it one more time and thus discover more about this strange world that is presented to us. It is worth mentioning here that the demo was made with the Polish language in mind, but the developer was kind enough to provide the English version for us to understand the game better. Check out the gameplay on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game on the page below:

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