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BEYOND HANWELL TEASER - Download Steam/ game

Updated: Oct 28

Beyond Hanwell is a first-person survival horror game developed by SteelArts Software Ltd. where you explore an abandoned hospital and must discover its secrets, as well as survive creatures whose origins appear to be experimental.

The game has gameplay based on exploration, small puzzles and lots of interaction with items that explain the origins of the place and its creatures. Furthermore, Beyond Hanwell's combat is rhythmic, and needs some small combat management to avoid being massacred by monsters.

The visuals are good, with a lot of atmosphere and interesting effects. The sound also manages to create moments of tension, such as the sounds that seem like monsters coming and tripping over objects.

Check out the Beyond Hanwell Teaser: The Royal Hallamshire gameplay

Download The Beyond Hanwell Teaser: The Royal Hallamshire horror game


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