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BITTERSWEET BIRTHDAY: A Action Game Which You, With No Memories, Must Flee from Your Prison

Bittersweet Birthday is an action and adventure indie game with bullet hell elements created by World Eater Games and with a demo version released on December 23 of this year. Here, you are a young man who wakes up in some kind of prison, with no memories of who he was or what happened to him being in that place. Following the instructions of a mysterious woman, Ada, you walk through the prison in order to find out an escape, as well as find a way to recover your memories.

Being very direct here, the game has an excellent pixelated visual, since scenery to characters, an interesting soundtrack, a simple plot, but very fit in the game, charismatic characters, and challenging gameplay on battles with enemies, and it is here where the bullet hell enters: you will die A LOT here, but it will ensure much improving on every try. I believe that the developers' intention is that you will win the battles by training and learning, and here they do very well.

Bittersweet Birthday, until this moment, is in production, with a demo version released. It Worth a lot waiting for the full version. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link (that was where the GIF image came from, by the way) below:

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