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PUSS!: Bizarre aesthetic and simple casual gameplay: the perfect marriage

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"Puss!" is an indie game, produced by Teamcoil and shown on Indie Cup Celebration, that you could very well describe as a bizarre vitamin composed of psychedelia, bullet hell, vaporwave aesthetic, fluffy cats from hell, and even dialogues a la Google Translator (I swear to you guys, they've really referenced the Google Translator speaker!)

The game is a puzzle where you control a cute cat that goes from A to B while he passes on various challenges on every map, as you use the Mouse to move him. Visually, the game is a delight but is also dangerous for people that have epilepsy or photosensitivity, as producers warn right at the beginning of the game. In terms of soundtrack, it goes from ambient music to the famous vaporwave that we know very well, the songs are very good to listen to.

Despite being a game with simple gameplay, it's very fun and I recommend the acquisition. You can check out the gameplay by clicking here. The full game, as well as the demo version, are available on the link below:

The game is also available on iOS and Android platforms, clicking on these links below:


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