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BLACK EYES: Hide Yourself from an Unknown Entity in this First-Person Horror Game

Black Eyes is a short Atmospheric Horror indie game in first-person and has a similar aesthetic to VHS tapes. The game was published on Halloween of this year (October 31st) and has a simple plot that was inspired by an urban legend about black-eyed kids, as well as by the title Among the Sleep. You are a little kid that sees alterations in reality and feels a supernatural presence in that, and it wants to enter your room. It's up to you to prevent the entrance of whatever it is, as well as find a way to get help in your sister's room.

The gameplay style is also very simple, but efficient inside the game's proposal: you can walk, run, crouch, crawl, uses inventory and interact with objects, and nothing more than this. The visuals and aesthetics are very atmospheric and, as I spoke above, evokes the VHS tapes style, with grains and all. Graphics are very beautiful and very made and the sound part is immersive enough to make the player get chills and even be scared.

Black Eyes, despite being short, is an interesting experience for anyone that likes being scared on a Friday Night. Check out the gameplay right here and download the game by clicking on the link below:

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