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BLIZZARD'S JOURNEY: Find Your Lost Mate in a Blizzard-stricken World in this Simulation Game

Blizzard's Journey is an indie game produced by ArusoN and collaborators, and published on February 7th this year, on the "" platform. In the game, you wake up in a mysterious complex. You read a letter and realize that someone else was in front of you, taking your things. It is up to you to follow the footprints left in the snow while facing a relentless blizzard that apparently lasts for several years.

The game is a simulation, with elements of survival and a little horror, with simple gameplay and great graphics. Survival is the key here, so you need to follow in the footsteps left by the other person and find warm spots to avoid hypothermia, as well as finding some foods to keep the temperature. Some footprints, whether from animals or other people, can mix with the footprints you should follow, so much attention is needed.

You can check the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download it from the link below:

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