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BLOOD TENDER: As an Furious Vampire, Rescue Your Child in This Action Game

Blood Tender is an indie single-player action game with elements of horror created by SNAK3EY3Z and released on the website on December 31 of this year. In the game, you control Jessica: wife, mother... and a vampire. With the help of her husband Deckard, Jessica will have to use her powers to face a group of energy vampires, responsible for the abduction of her son.

The game features cool stylized graphics and interesting gameplay. Being a vampire, you can fly freely through the game's scenarios, while you can fire dark projectiles at your enemies or even suck your energy. During the game, you will need to find a red crystal, responsible for opening the portal for the next stage.

The game is in development. The demo alone made a good impression, and we can only wait for new updates on the game. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game from the link:

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