BLOODROOTS: Take Revenge for a Betrayal and Use the World as Your Weapon in this Action Game

Bloodroots is an action indie game produced by Paper Cult Games and published on March 12 this year, on Steam. In Bloodroots, you control Mr. Wolf, a man betrayed and left to die alone in Weird West. However, he managed to recover, and is determined to take revenge on his enemy. To carry out his revenge, he will use whatever he finds ahead as a weapon, even carrots (!?).

Bloodroots presents a beautiful and even cartoonish look. Here you use anything to kill your enemies, from axes and cannons to wooden slats, barrels, hay and carrots. The point here is to get it right first before they get it. The gameplay is very simple, but dynamic and full of adrenaline. The soundtrack, in a western style, is excellent and combines very well with the theme of the game.

The game, although released, has a demo version available. You can download Bloodroots from your Steam page below. In addition, you can check the gameplay of the game also in the link below:

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