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BRADLEY THE BOLD: Find the Truth about Your Mother's Boyfriend in this Adventure Game

Bradley the Bold is an indie adventure, puzzle and stealth game with visual novel elements produced by Johnnycashew and published on March 19 this year, on the indie gaming platform In the game, you control Bradley, a little boy who tries to unravel the secrets surrounding Dr. David Daniels, a man his mother fell in love with, years after his father passed away. Bradley strongly suspects that this man is not who he claims to be, and for that he will have to find clues that lead to unmasking him.

The game itself has strong influences from detective films, in addition to the visual noir that is characteristic of works of the genre. In terms of graphics, the game is very shy in that respect, and can be a little neater. The soundtrack, composed of only one song, is great and matches the aesthetics of the game, but ends up becoming a little sickening after a long time of playtime.

In terms of gameplay, the game goes through moments of action and stealth in the third person, with Bradley investigating the furniture in the house and hiding from a man who walks around the rooms, and as you find the clues, you use the diary to solve them and thus read the character's comments about the information he got.

It is worth remembering that the game was produced in a period of 24 weeks as a Senior Project, probably a college job by Johnnycashew. Despite this, the game is a lot of fun and it would be great if its developer could work more on it, polishing the visuals and fixing the bugs, and adding more content, increasing its longevity. Bradley the Bold has a lot of potentials.

Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download it on the page below:

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