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BREAKOUT!: A Survival Game where You, Condemned to Death, need to Escape from Your Executioner

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

BreakOut! is an indie adventure and survival game produced by RealmOfHuai (Lee Wu Huai) and his friend Nigel Goh, and published on February 13 of this year, on the "itch.io" platform. In the game, you only control a man about to be executed who can escape the ax of his executioner. Now you need to find a way out quickly because the executioner is going after you and is crazy to kill you.

There is not much to talk about BreakOut! here: the game is short, with a slightly cartoonish look, simple gameplay and that fits well with the pace of the game. Here you just run, jump and crouch, in order to find the exit. The game may even have the potential for more, but it just depends on the developers to expand the game. Check out the BreakOut! gameplay, by clicking on this link here and, if interested, download the game on the itch.io page, on the link below:


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