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BRIMSTONE: Burn Everything in Front of You and Trigger Portals in this Platform Game

Brimstone is a third-person indie platformer being produced by Holy Black Cat and whose prototype version was published on October 3rd this year, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. Brimstone has a very simple premise: you control a small flame, and your objective is to burn whatever it takes to activate the posts that will open a portal.

The game was created for Ludum Dare 49. The game features very nice pixel graphics and simple gameplay. The challenge level is increasing with each stage, where you will need to use dexterity to be able to trigger the posts and thus cross the portals.

Check out Brimstone's gameplay by clicking on this link here. If you are interested, you can download the prototype by clicking on the itch.io page below.

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://holyblackcat.itch.io/brimstone

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